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Membership in the WSCC

The Society has five membership categories:

  1. Regular membership is open to adults residing in the Washington, D.C.
    metropolitan area;
  2. Non-resident membership is open to adults not residing in the
    Washington, D.C. metropolitan area;
  3. Junior membership is open to anyone younger than 18 years;
  4. Regular and non-resident members can attain life membership by paying 15 times the current annual dues for their respective category;
  5. Honorary memberships are conferred by a majority vote of the members.

Download a printable membership brochure here.


Current Dues Structure

  • Resident members: $16 per year
  • Non-resident members: $8 per year
  • Junior members: $8 per year
  • Life membership (resident): $240 one-time payment
  • Life membership (non-resident): $120 one-time payment

    Membership fees are due on July 1 of each year. They may be paid by mail or in person at the first WSCC meeting in July.

How to Join

The WSCC membership application is available here in PDF or Microsoft Word formats. Mail the completed membership application and the appropriate dues (made payable to 'WSCC') to the Executive Secretary, Jill Piazza, PO Box 76846, Washington DC 20013-6846 or bring them in person to the next club meeting or event.


By applying for membership, you agree to abide by the club's Constitution and Bylaws.


If you have additional questions, contact Jill directly.